Global Carbon Emissions Zero: Climate Change Crisis Cancelled

Good news ! Global carbon emissions, reputedly heating the earth up to the point where the ice caps will melt and everyone is going to drown (LOL), are nearly zero.  Here is the math once again, according to the world’s leading authority:

Global carbon balance equation: Woods Hole Research




 Let’s stress test the equation. First  make all the plusses their minimum and minuses their maximum:

3.2-0.2=3.0   is the new increase,

BUT now let’s look at the other side:

(6.3-0.4)=5.9 Fossil fuel + (2.2-0.8)=1.4 Land use – (2.4+0.7)=3.1 Oceans – (2.9+1.1)=4.0 Missing Sink

That’s 5.9 +1.4 – 3.1 – 4.0 which nets out to = 0.2 = the smallest error factor on the page

So the revised equation is that a 3.0 increase in carbon is created by 0.2 increase in source and use. Hmmm. Given the smallest plus-or-minus error was o.2 we are not impressed with the integrity of this math.

Of course it could go the other way as well with all the pluses and minuses reversed and then we’d have

3.0 = 6.2 which isn’t much more reassuring on the mathematics front.

One thing that is obvious is that you don’t need to know basic math to be a climate scientist. you just need a good PR agency, a political pundit with his hand in the till, a rabid environmental movement and a few smart guys in the energy trading business who see a whole new Enron opening up on their door step.

PS It is simpler to justify non-pollution on it’s own merits. Also it is simpler to prove that digging up fuel created by sunshine and burning it is reversing an energy storage process that took billions of years. The real story is about energy not carbon.  Lets fix real problems with real solutions, please.

 – David McNab




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